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Sometimes we are afraid of those situations in life, and are eager to find specific directions, solutions, surrounded by delusion, what to do? How to do? Where to do Why to do? And so on. Pundit ji, the obvious objective is to remove the misconceptions from the minds of the public and to make all the true nature and magnitude of a known astrology, which is not only a complete science in itself, but also the most involved one.

Astrology is the only way through which you can get an answer to your mysterious problems. Pandit Shyam Vyas ji is one of the main rituals of the city, whose fame is glorifying the city's name throughout the country. Religious rituals are organized from time to time by Pandit Shri Shyam Vyas. There is no one like this many people, who have benefited from the guidance of Pandit Shyam Vyas and have achieved the desired result. It is worth mentioning that Shri Shyam Vyas has been performing religious rituals and astrology for 8 years. On every problem of life, benefits can be gained through religious rituals.It is also certified and scriptured;

All kinds of defects such as Kalsarp, Nagnarayan Bali Karma, Navagraha Shanti, Manglik work etc. are accomplished by Pandit Shri Shyam Vyas.Pandit Shri Shyam Vyas has done all kinds of defects nivaran such as Kalsarp, Nagnarayan Bali Karma, Navagraha Shanti, Manglik Solution etc.!


We aspire to be the most accurate and dependable horoscope astrology service provider not only for people in MP, India but in the whole world. Our growing clientele and their growing trust in us, is to enable us to achieve our goal. We make you aware your unforeseen problems and guide you to handle these in a way so as to cause least harm. We suggest alternate ways to resolve your issues successfully.Astrologer is working ceaselessly for almost fifteen years, to be Your own Astrologer.


To provide accurate and in-depth analysis of problems narrated by our esteemed clients and provide effective solutions for their cause.


In providing the right remedy which is easy to follow, working well to reduce intensity of malefic influences, as indicated in your Birth chart. Our Astrology services are carefully designed to aid people in addressing and solving problems in any area of their life. No wonder, our clients regularly praise and recommend us. In turn, we look forward to their testimonials and feedback, utilizing them to better ourselves at every juncture. Our consistently growing clientele goes to prove that we have managed to establish trust among our followers. Basing our Astrology services and guidance on the principles of devotion and truth, we now hope to soon expand our reach to a larger audience baseful.

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This pooja is done when all planets come between Rahu and Ketu or when all the stars of fortune or when all the stars of fortune concentrate at one position in a horoscope


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