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Grah Vaastu Shanti

Vastu means the dwelling of humans and Gods. Vastu shastra is an ancient science which helps one get the benefits freely offered by the basic elements of the universe.

These basic elements are Akash (SKY), Prithvi (EARTH), Paani (WATER), Agni (FIRE), and Vayu (WIND).

The toran on the entrance door needs to be kept and the planting of an auspicious tree needs to be done. The Graha Pravesh is done and then the lightening of fire and house purification needs to be done. The prayers are being offered and the Havan is kept and is done with full dedication and devotion. The Havan needs to be done in particular direction according to the direction of the house. The deity is being worshipped so that the blessings are being attained.

The primary objectives of Grah Vaastu Shanti are:

  • To remove any land, structure, and interior arrangement faults or the Vastu Doshas.
  • To ask for forgiveness for any direct or indirect harm to the Nature and other living beings while construction of the house
  • To pacify any forces that may disturb the overall happiness of future occupants.
  • To request Vastu Purush to protect the home and the occupants from natural calamities
  • To solicit His blessings to bring health, wealth and prosperity to the occupants and
  • To resolve proper use of the house and to convert it into Home and Praasad.

Vaastu Shanti Pooja provides the immense benefit in the life of an individual by eradicating all the wealth and health problems. All the evil spirits in the life of an individual are being removed. The malefic effects caused to the wrong position of planets are also removed.

The darkness in the life of an individual is also being removed by fulfilling all the desires and needs. The prosperity and happiness comes again in the life so that the human can live without any tension. The house is filled with all the comforts and happiness.